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Fear Tactics Australia & Martial Arts Explained

Fear Tactics Australia & Martial Arts Explained

Recently, I have had a number of discussions with schools, parents, organisations and of course young people around the definition of “Martial Arts” and FTA’s relationship with it.

Our programs are not traditional Martial Art styles or “Martial Art” programs but self defence and personal protection programs designed to deal with the fear and confrontation of a threatening situation while developing the physical skills requied to deal with it.

The Fear Tactics Australia (FTA) concept is based on developing and implementing both mental and physical tactics that build confidence and equip the student with straight forward, easy to learn self protection using real life scenarios, to ensure that both students and families remain safe at all times. 

FTA does however have a relationship with traditional philosophy, values and culture, this is where our message of Modern Methods, Traditional Values, comes in.

There are two traditional Japanese words that are vital and that go hand in hand with the message behind the foundation on which FTA has been created.

Firstly the word Budo, this word relates to the practice to perfect oneself, to develop internally, to constantly strive for improvement through dedication, despite ego, in order to become the absolute best version of yourself possible.

The next word is Bushido, this translates to “The Way of the Warrior” closely related to a moral code or way of life, a traditional set of values including respect, honour, loyalty, compassion and courage.

There are seven Bushido principles that the Samurai Warriors of Japan lived by, you will see these displayed on the FTA website.

I hope this provides a clear understanding of FTA, I wish you all the best on your journey and hope that our paths may cross sometime in the future!

Adrian Clarke.

Fear Tactics Australia
Principle Instructor and Youth Support Officer.