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One Punch Can Kill!

One Punch Can Kill!

We believe that, unless in a situation where controlled, physical self-protection is required to get out of a threatening situation and back to safety, violence is unacceptable across the board.

As a Youth Outreach Worker, Martial Artist and working in the security industry, I see this far too often.

A big issue in the media is addressing the “one punch” effect, and laws that surround it.

There is an organisation in Queensland leading the charge on identifying and educating young people around the danger of violence, especially the “king hit” or “sucker punch” and that it is not ok.

A “king hit” occurs when a person is standing relaxed and unaware while another person advances on them, usually outside of their direct vision, and punches them hard, usually in the head, with devastating after effects.

“One Punch Can Kill™ (OPCK) is the official community awareness program of Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group, and has gained both national and international recognition for its work to help reduce youth violence, and in particular single or King hits to the head. QHVSG is the official brand custodian for OPCK and has presented to thousands of secondary students throughout Queensland and Australia.”

For more information on the OPCK program click the link below.